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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Chain Necklace - D.I.Y
Top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Checkered Polo - Doll Closet Collection
Bag - Grab
Watch - Casio
Acid Wash Pants - Thrifted
Heels - Gibi Shoes

 Blog 141
Finally... I have my time to blog again and share this look to you guy's. Well, I'm not too busy this past few weeks I'm just little bit lazy to blog because i can't think too much or whatever. I just had a bad mood this past few weeks because of something or someone else haha... in short i have my "sumpong week" but seriously I'm sicking to share this look to you guy's and sorry because it take 2 weeks before i post it here. lelsss... Just blame my hormones for being so lazy and stupid jerk haha...
Why i'm so excited to share this look to you? because this one is another style. I just try to experiment everything i have in my closet, and all of this are my old clothes and stuff just try to mix and match everything. Since i feel so bored wearing boots every time and i still want a style with a little bit sporty but chic, I decide to pick this shirt with Number 2 print and pair with my old green checkered polo. Also use a snap back cap to give a sporty touch in this look, What you think???
Even my look is kinda little bit sporty and like what i said, I still want a " Sporty but Chic " Style. and wearing this acid wash pants make me feel sexy haha... Charot~ just kidding. Well, this pants make me feel so comfortable and chic because of it's own style. and wearing this heels make me look so fab and chic and this is my first time to attempt to wear this kind of outfit and also wearing this pants, and now i want to make more style in some of my old pants. *teehee

Have a nice day

Friday, October 18, 2013

Brand New Chick

Chain Necklace - D.I.Y
Vintage Watch - Casio
Belt - SM Accessories
Pants - Jenny'LT
Blazer - Harrison Kent
Heel less - Sophisticat Shoes

Blog 138
I'm just a little freaking busy this week and i think till next week, like oohemmgeeh~ i was preparing for something and busy buying some stuff to use for next week.
and also excited to meet someone special ( Hmmm... ) The one who make me smile and drives me wild lol haha... Just kidding :] seriously, i'm so excited and i hope our first meet up gonna be the best day ever like i wanted to be. Well, wish me luck girl's ( love you )...

Let's talk about some quick outfit post for today. A touch of edgy look with a swag style but still look chick, What i love most of my outfit? My pants... if you asking me why? because this one is my old pants and i think i buy this a long time ago and while cleaning my closet, i accidentally saw it.
Then i decide to wear it again and play with fashion, i love how this pants fits perfectly till now and to make it more sense, if you see on the lower part i fold it, so it look so nice and a bit stylish. since i miss wearing this red heel less of mine i prepare to wear them and never cross in my mind that they look so perfect together.

I prepare to wear this hanging top, so it look so chick and petite me lol... and also wearing this blazer on a hot weather is totally cool for me. Well, no matter what people say something about your style or looks. dress up, make up and never give up to show people how creative you are and how proud you are in your style.
Be you and Be proud to yourself


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Native girl in the City


 Flower Crown - Doll Closet Collection
Sweater - Pull&Bear
Bag- Native Baguio Bag ( Gift )
Watch - Casio
Boots - Kicks

 Blog 134
Today is " 22 " a Special day for me and to my love one... our " Monthy Birthday " Yaysss... haha
That's why i'm so early to post a blog, because i am so happy today lol... and i just want to share my happiness to all my readers and i hope you guy's are happy too.
Well, it's rainy Sunday here in my country and this sweater makes me so comfy this rainy days and this is my second look wearing this sweater and yes i am a outfit repeater haha but i wear this before and match this wearing a khaki pants. and now i'll try to mix and match and try to pair my d.i.y ombre shorts and for me it looks so perfect, also wearing my handmade flower crown give a touch on my look
A bohemian style with a little bit swag look, also this native bag fits perfectly on my outfit and got this gift from my friend Kins.
I know in this generation there's lot a kind of gorgeous and beautiful branded bag in the Malls. Yes, they are fashionable and In. But let us also support the " Philippine Handmade Bag " like what i use now.
This bag is from Baguio a Native Handmade Bag, If you go in Baguio before and looking for a souvenir i guess you saw this kind of bag in some Souvenir Shop.
Have a blessed Sunday everyone and thank you for dropping by my blog

Thursday, September 5, 2013



 Sunglasses - Pretty Reckless
NYC Top - No Brand
Belt - WWW
Watch - Casio
Clutch Bag - Liberte
Heels - Gibi Shoes
Blog 131
It's BER-MONTH and sounds like shopping shopping shopping and preparing for Christmas and exchange gift. Well, here i am now i'm starting back in my blog life after some disaster happen in my life lol... sounds weird yah? Oh yes it's kinda weird but i don't mind at all i still can survive, Oh... by the way i have my own motto wohohohoho... " I can survive in any obstacle I'm a WOMAN " and more matured now.
Maybe because i'm more better now than before, i was so thankful what happen in my past because i learn a lot also forgiving and be with god again. and now i can understand small things and think big for my future and be who i am
Be who i am? Yes, as you see before i post more looks without tattoo right? Yes, i got my first tattoo this month of August. Well, before i was planning many times to get inked but never happen hahaha maybe because someone not allowed and i always depend my decision with him.
But now things change, people change, life change, style change, everything changes and my love life changes haha... and i am so happy god gave me a trials in my life that he knows i can handle the pain and be a better person now
I'm not asking for anything or any love life before but god is good, he gave me what i deserve now. if you updated at my blog well you know i go in Malaysia before you know the story already why i go there right? But when i go back in my hometown i was thinking " Yes, i enjoy in Malaysia but what is the reason i go there? Ooh... yes, now i know the answer. Why? well will share to you when the right time comes haha but i am so thankful and happy with my life now, planning to work or have business on my own. i want to earn money more because i want to travel in Asia and my next spot " Thailand " yes, because i have my travel buddy now... yipeeee <3
Oh... i have so many kwentos haha i was enjoying blogging now because i was so excited to share to you guy's my first BER-OUTFIT New Yorkers ang peg hahahaha
This outfit kinda sexy and elegant because of my fitted sexy blue skirt that i bough last year agooooo.... haha... Yes, last year seriously. i only style and wear this skirt now because it match on my heels and look so fab with my NYC top and pinky clutch bag
Photo taken by my co-blogger and also my group mate at Pampanga Fashion Bloggers ( Kins Gonzales ) Thank you so much kins and also i was enjoy a day with you, so much fun date beybeh... pose inspired by Annawii i just only met her on and i always love her style so i always gave a hype and comment on her looks for me she is so fashionable and nice also she really loves bohemian style and some nudy colors and that's what i like about her, she also gave a comment on my look and feeling honored when i read them and inspired me to post more photos haha... Well, i can say this side by side pose of mine i got from her hehe because she always pose like this and while we take some photo yesterday i was remember her and also try her pose that inspired me and this is what i look like.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Summer Flower

Ribbon Headband - Doll Closet Collection, Top - Winning Smile, Belt - Genevieve Gozum, Skater Skirt - Doll Closet Collection, Bag - Gift from my sister, Vintage Watch - Casio, Kitty Flats - Thrifted

 Blog 117, Goodevening everyone and yes it's little too late and before i go to sleep i just want to share to you what i wore today.
I was wearing my favorite skater skirt, i know i post some picture wearing a black skater skirt too. But it's different from what i'm wearing right now, and i think it's the texture of the cloth. 
and i pair em' again in this kitty flat shoes like before ( for me, they are really match to each other skater skirt + kitty flats ) what do you think?
since skater skirt is black & also my shoes i decided to wear this printed top with baby collar, i really love this top especially the flowers that give touch in this look.