Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trouble City

Bowl Hat - DV, Swimsuit - No Brand, Belt - Lhasa, Skater Skirt - Doll Closet Collection Skull Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless Bag - Parisian, Flats - Thrifted

Blog 114, Goodevening :) finally i blog this look now but if you follow me on Instagram @Zhackparas i know you saw it already this outfit that i'm wearing, i wear this yesterday and post some photo details on my ig. someone asking me where do i get my sexy top hehe, well i just only answer here in my blog so there's no more other question if you read my post :)
This sexy top is only a swimsuit, i prepare to mix and match the outfit since the skater skirt is black i prepare to wear something red and petite clothes, so i was looking for some sexy petite clothes i have and saw this swimsuit in my closet and match em' in this trendy skater skirt that i purchase at Doll Closet Collection on facebook.
and since i thrift last week at Pasay for lucky i found this trendy & cool flats at thrift shop they are really cute, i just first saw this at romwe and some of my favorite blogger wearing this kitty flats also saw them at the mall @primadonna but since i'm a lucky girl i just got them for only cheap price and still they are brandnew & never worn also they are so comfortable to wear.

Till next blog and by the way i'm so sorry for the poor quality shot of the photos : /
love you guy's <3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet me here Sunset

Ribbon earrings - Pretty Reckless, Blouse - Splash, Belt - Vintage, Skirt - Doll Closet Collection, Watch - Swatch, Bag & Gold Bracelet - Gift from my Sister, Flats - Bien

Blog 113, Beautiful rainy friday everyone it's been a while since i post my last blog and i miss it. Well here i am today show you my vintage look
I really love the combination of this blouse & skirt and also use my vintage belt and frame watch, i know they are match together. since my skirt is brown i prepare to wear this flats & choose this bag.

- Psychozatic turns Vintage

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Evil Eye Earrings - Pretty Reckless Cross Necklace - Young Wild Free Dress - Doll Closet Collection Polo - Doll Closet Collection Watch - Casio Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless Bag - Forever 21 Loafers - Topshop


Blog 112, Kunghei fat choi since it was " Chinese New Year " i prepare to blog early today :) Well it's bad luck to be lazy for today haha, i think? kahit hinde chinese new year you need to be masipag dapat everyday so you have more blessing to come when you are masipag :) haha back to my outfit, photo (c) by : Khai Nunag my fellow fashion blogger here in Pampanga and the leader of our group Pampanga Fashion Blogger Thank you Khai for this photo.
 Since you know my favorite color is blue. Well here i am so addicted in blue i was wearing a Peplum Dress for the first time haha, first time ko mag-suot ng peplum but then i'm not a girly type so i prepare to combine em' with this blue polo and wearing my favorite necklace. 
I know some of my post i wear this black cross necklace in every outfit that i wore and yes i was so thankful  that i found Cristina D. Shop " Young Wild Free " till now i was so crazy in this cross necklace haha and i don't know why? i super love em' :) i also have different color of this cross necklace but black is my favorite.

I hope you like my chinese new year outfit post, till next blog psycho blogger you can drop a comment if you like, follow my psycho style and i will follow you back.
Thank you

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Blog 111, Hello and Good evening / morning ? haha, confusing... for sure i'm not yet sleeping oh well i'm a zombie haha ( Just Kidding ) so here's my latest look for today and like what i promise on my last blog 
- Black Out - i write something more about this look, so if you read my last blog i didn't say anything about that looks in particular because that time was too late and i feel so sleepy.
But now just a little haha, back to my outfit since " Skater Skirt " are so trendy now and a lot more Fashion Blogger wearing and style their own Skater Skirt. i saw a lot more on LB, Chictopia, Stylepile and Facebook ofcourse i got my own style too wearing this trendy skater skirt that i got on Eg Fashion since you know i'm not that girly type of person, i love wearing and combining my outfit in this j.c booties and wearing a spiky cap that i got on Pretty Reckless i love this look so much the gold belt touch well on my outfit and i can't get enough wearing this belt while wearing any kind of skirt.


This army polka dot top that i got in Fika is so damn good i love the color of blue and maroon print and perfect also in this Skater Skirt.

My casio watch is for my everyday use i super love it, also picking up this arm candy i know they all good in this look.
esp. my favorite white skull arm candy ( anak ka na bungo ) haha.

Ooppsy... my outfit is not yet done, i'll bring this jacket to complete my outfit this leopard print jacket with some shell prints on are super gorgeous it reminds me of Rihanna and i don't know why? haha, i think i saw rihanna wearing this kind of style of jacket but it's not the same what i'm wearing right now, i love rihanna so rihanna ang peg ko sa jacket today lol :)

With & Without Jacket

Brands :
Studded Cap - Pretty Reckless
Army Top - Fika
Watch - Casio
Belt - WWW
Skater Skirt - Eg Fashion
Socks - Sm department store
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Jacket - Gizasole ( Pronto Moda )
Cross Earrings - Pretty Reckless

up to here nalang and hope you like this outfit you can drop a comment if you want, follow me also and will follow you back :)
Thank you for reading very much appreciated, goodnight psycho readers & fashion psycho <3

Monday, February 4, 2013

Black Out

Blog 110, Hello? and yes i'm here again after a couple a days that i don't blog yet about my looks so here is my latest outfit post for today and like what i promise on Instagram.
" I will blog this look soon " hehe, so here it goes baby.... I so love this chic & preppy style of mine and really like to wear it everyday because everything is good & very comfortable.
what is my favorite in this look? - ofcourse this maong polo that give touch in my outfit.


If you are one of my friend on " facebook " or your a follower of mine on " Instagram " I know you guy's know where do got this shoessy but since some of my followers here didn't know, Well guy's i got this shoes at Sm dept. store Sm City Pampanga for only cheap price Php200.00 without spike. yes i buy them pretty little boring in grey but since spiky style are on trend now, i decided to make some d.i.y in this boring shooessy i put some 4 studs in each shoes so it make look like trendy ( Spiky Sneakers ) haha.
Where do i got my studs? only of some of my bracelet that i don't use, i love making this d.i.y project and proud to my self that i made on my own. Oh,,, by the way this shoes are very comfortable to wear and very soft inside that's why i really love to buy them and i got two of them the other one is aztec in print.

Labels : Polo - Esprit jeans  Choker - Pretty Reckless  Shades - Boyfriend Glasses ( Renz )  Watch - Swatch  Cross Earrings & Skull Bracelet - Pretty Reckless Skirt - Doll Closet Collection  Socks - Sm dept. store  Shoes - Sm dept. store / d.i.y 

Hope you like it, sorry guy's konte lang yung na isulat ko i feel so sleepy na kase it's already 2:19am medyo sabog na ko haha at wala nako maisip na sabihin, but i did my best naman to share this look to you even in a short words it make sense naman that i share every details & labels and some tips of d.i.y and where you can buy this outfit, sapat na yun haha i will make bawi nalang on the other outfit post soon....
O.k goodnight and have sweet dreams don't forget to drop a comment if you like this, will be very much appreciated <3