Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God is a DJ

 Spike Headband - Pretty Reckless Choker Necklace - Pretty Reckless Union Jack Flag Top - Doll Closet Collection Blue Jacket - Doll Closet Collection Studded Shorts - Pretty Reckless Spike Red Bracelet - Pretty Reckless Heel less - Sophisticat Shoes. Anything you want to ask about my latest look for today?

This union jack flag top was my favorite in this look and also this studded short that bring funky and cool style, i was wearing blue jacket to complete my outfit and i know they are perfectly match. what you think? drop some comment here if you agree or not, i appreciate positive also negative opinion to all of you guys because it's your own personal opinion and i respect that. :)

I know heel less shoes is so trendy now a day so here's mine in red hot style, i choose to wear this red heel less so outfit can complete with the color of red and blue.

So guy's goodnight for now i'm feeling sleepy na sobra, pero dahil love ko kayo here is my latest look for tonight haha and i hope you like it, much love - PSYCHOZATIC

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Blog 108, Hello guy's i know it's not a surprise to all of you that i was blogging ( late ) midnight and sharing my outfit post in the middle of the night and still i was awake and typing some words here in my blog. Well for me blogging in the middle of the night it's so weird, but i love blogging that no one else i can hear is only my keyboard while i'm typing and thinking what i'm going to say and share to all of you. i love silent place that's why every time i was blogging it was midnight and i'm here in my room. Well guy's for now i'll show you my latest look for today and share some brands where you can find my outfit post. It's only a ordinary day, shoot some video with my boyfriend and his bike that's why i wear like this, a comfortable outfit but seems so cool and nice a fresh look. for today i was in love with the color of brown or something not so colorful except the shoes is red haha but they are match right? This sweater is a gift from my sister in dubai ( Brands : Pull & Bear ) i really love this sweater and so excited to wear it, that's why i choose em' to wear. for me it's not so difficult combining this sweater you can wear shorts, skirt also dress to wear it. but rather than that i choose to wear pants ( Brands : Wilson ) and Sneakers from Vans. also i was wearing glasses & Evil Eye Earrings from Pretty Reckless i know this leopard glasses perfectly suit on my outfit and this cute earrings, so what is your comment with that? are they perfectly suit ? or not ? and also wearing some vintage watch is in now and i was talking about my watch ( Brand : Casio ) i know all of you already familiar about mix and match of Casio and put some arm candy haha, well i did that also but for now i just love wearing only my casio watch in this look. asking for my bag that i use? i got it at Sm Dept. store Sm City Pampanga ( Parisian ) i really love this bag i use it everytime also i love Sm Pampanga i'll shop at Dept. store everytime esp. Parisian brand and WWW. you can visit and shop there also cause THEY GOT IT ALL FOR YOU :)


Goodnight x

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girl on Graffiti

Blog 107, Good evening guy's and i hope all of you have their dinner already, so here some of the preview of my look for today. since it's just a ordinary day i was wearing short and flats i choose this ( green ) short to wear coz' i love to wear it and for me this color of green suit on me and to my skin toe as well i was combining it with aztec print tank top and also have a prints of green and i think they are perfectly match outfit also match them with my black jacket, i really love wearing jackets , vest and some blazer. also choosing some accessory for this outfit it's really confusing sometime's you need to pick some and wear them and look at the mirror what is perfect in your look. Well i choose a ( white ) cross necklace to give attraction of this look also choosing a ( yellow ) belt that match in the color of my short and pick a ombre sunglasses in green and skull tassel ear cuff. outfit can't complete without my watch on haha and put some arm candy also i'll choose the ( Mustard ) hand bag with Skull and wearing flats with hearty polka design with ribbon in front. well that's all and i hope you like my ootd for today.

Wear my Looks : here some of the brand where you can find my outfit

Ombre Sunglasses - Young Wild Free
Skull Tassel Ear Cuff - Young Wild Free
White Cross Necklace - Pretty Reckless
Aztec Tank Top - Doll Closet Collection
Black Jacket - Doll Closet Collection
Shorts - Wilson
Watch - Casio
Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless
Skull Hand Bag - Reanson
Belt - www ( Sm Department Store )
Flats - Solemate ( Sm Department Store )
www & Solemate Sm City Pampanga

By the way i want to share to you guy's that this year is the best year to me, because i have some coming sponsor and i receive e-mail yesterday from a online shop dresses in u.k i hope this is the first step of my dreams, i sign already the sponsorship letter and send via e-mail. this is the opportunity that i been waiting for, thank you so much god for giving this opportunity ever. I'm so Happy <3

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I know I'm Blue as Sky

Blog 106, Another ootd ( Outfit of the day ) i was wearing a casual outfit for today i prepare to look like a lady in this outfit and yes i'm addicted in color of  blue and i think this 2013 blue is my favorite color of the year. since it's little bit cold here in Ph i was wearing a jacket and of course i'll match it with this blue pants and wearing a collar necklace and watch. since my bag is leopard print i decided to pic and match in this leopard print belt so they can give attraction of there prints as well and of course outfit can't complete without wedges i'll pick this on my shoe rack this nude color and i think they are comfy in this look so i can walk comfortable and fashionable in this outfit. Well here some of the brand were do you can find this casual look of mine.

Collar Necklace - Pretty Reckless
White Tank Top - NV
Belt - Genevieve Gozum
Watch - Casio
Bag - Forever 21
Pants - Pink Elegance
Wedges - Zanea

Till next ootd blog x

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Blog 105, 3:29am and i was blogging for i can't sleep overrr.... i was having my midnight snack? or breakfast snack? lol, just kidding but yeah i have my knick knacks on my bed and i can't stop eating of this. of course strawberry flavored is what i like most when it come's in knick knacks flavored. Well back to my outfit post 

White Top - Thrifted
Cross Necklace - Young Wild Free
Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless
Watch - Casio
Aztec Print Back Pack - Grab
Loafers - Topshop
Aztec Print Mini's - Gen's Closet

Ipod Touch ( 4th Gen )

Location was at Mariveles, Bataan my boyfriend and i visit here to meet some local bmx rider and have some lil jam session with them, it's really nice to visit here kase friendly yung mga tao and nice yung place and i'm so happy na nag improve na yung place ng Mariveles, Bataan before kase wala ganito i been here a long time ago. College ako nun and we have duty on Mariveles Mental Hospital and hinde ako makapaniwala dahil ang lake na ng pinagbago ng place. pwede na siya pasyalan para siya small baywalk in manila hehe. 

Some kiddo's in Mariveles ay tuwang-tuwa sa shoes ko hehe, nakakatuwa lang sila kase nakita ko sila naka smile when they look at my shoes and they do touch em'. even it so dangerous./ Chos... haha

Goodnight x

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Blog 104, Ribbon Polo and Vintage Blazer - Doll Closet Collection Shorts - Wilson Satchel Neon Bag - Parisian Flats - Korean Shoes. those are the brand where you can find my outfit look, oh well how's going on about your 2013 day's ? if you ask me for my 2013 New Year Day's it was so fun for this year buying new clothes i feel so blessed this year i have so many plan watch out for that guy's. about this style it was a Vintage style and when it comes to Vintage what's stuck on my Mind? it was Miss Ate Aiza Ipac that i fanned most she's a really good stylist of Karylle on Showtime. Hi ? Ate Aiza.... hehe <3 well this photo took last 2012 haha, Yes and i'm really sorry for updating late coz' i thought na blog ko na to before, ea hinde pala. Pero i make bawi naman so here it goes Vintage girl with Graffiti background ang peg lol with bmx bike pa haha, my boyfriend baby before :) so what i'mma going to say i just need to rest now. Goodnight blogger's