Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun Land

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 Blog 121
Helloooo... it's been a couple a week since i post my last summer outfit and yes i miss blogging, actually i really want to post more and blog more about my personal style but for now, maybe posting photo and blog more could be quiet difficult because i don't have photographer now and i have so many thing to do in my personal life, i was planning to live by my own and work by my own maybe in other country but it's a quiet surprise just watch out guy's.
You can help me by your prayers that i can do it and "Yes" i know i can make my dream come true, just have faith and trust with god.
Oh, well back to my outfit it's little punky rock style in hot summer. Yes i know i know that in my last 2 post i wear some colorful, sheer, neon and lace design of top but for now i wear some black & white combo that i really love to wear. this tank top is only a tees someone gave this to me since this top is a tees for men i can't wear it because it looks big on me, that's why i decide to cut it and made my own tank top and this is the result haha.. what do you think? it's good for bad girls? lol, just kidding hehe, well decide to combine this tank top in this cute black & white skater skirt also wearing boots is the best while you rocking wearing your own skater skirt also outfit can't complete without wearing beanie and some arm candy.
Hope you like it, till next blog dearest readers

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  1. i love the muscle tee and the skater skirt plus the boots! such a perfect outfit! :)