Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spread death of Haters

Blazer - Very, Cross leopard top - Doll Closet Collection, Pants - Pink Elegance, Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless, Watch - Swatch ( Jeremy Scott ) Bag - Parisian, Sneakers - DC

Blog 115, Hello there it's been a week since i post my last blog and now i'm back fashion blogging again, glad to show you my first look this march of 2013 a preppy but funky style of mine.
I really love this outfit simple & very comfortable since i travel along makati and have my commute day that time i prepare to wear pants and my brother's gift ( Sneakers DC ) he gave this long time ago, and i think last last x-mas and i just wear it only now hehe, i find them cute and oh so comfy.
and match this on a black top with leopard print cross and put this blazer on and some arm candy and watch. <3
Goodnight Everyone till next blog.


  1. Perfect tee...


  2. Hello, san mo po nabibili ng pants mo? Ang gaganda.

    pati yung tee.

    1. Hi Bham, i got this to my cousin nag bebenta kase siya ng mga pants pero it's only a cheap price and not expensive the brand is Pink Elegance. about sa tee only @ my shop Doll Closet Collection. :)

  3. Very cool look! <3