Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trouble City

Bowl Hat - DV, Swimsuit - No Brand, Belt - Lhasa, Skater Skirt - Doll Closet Collection Skull Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless Bag - Parisian, Flats - Thrifted

Blog 114, Goodevening :) finally i blog this look now but if you follow me on Instagram @Zhackparas i know you saw it already this outfit that i'm wearing, i wear this yesterday and post some photo details on my ig. someone asking me where do i get my sexy top hehe, well i just only answer here in my blog so there's no more other question if you read my post :)
This sexy top is only a swimsuit, i prepare to mix and match the outfit since the skater skirt is black i prepare to wear something red and petite clothes, so i was looking for some sexy petite clothes i have and saw this swimsuit in my closet and match em' in this trendy skater skirt that i purchase at Doll Closet Collection on facebook.
and since i thrift last week at Pasay for lucky i found this trendy & cool flats at thrift shop they are really cute, i just first saw this at romwe and some of my favorite blogger wearing this kitty flats also saw them at the mall @primadonna but since i'm a lucky girl i just got them for only cheap price and still they are brandnew & never worn also they are so comfortable to wear.

Till next blog and by the way i'm so sorry for the poor quality shot of the photos : /
love you guy's <3


  1. Nice look Zhack! Love those kitty flats. :)

  2. Thats a perfect mix and match...Couldn't have guessed that it was a swimsuit...


    1. Aww, Thank you so much Rupa hehe...

      - Zhack :)