Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Golden Red

Blog 103, Circular ombre sunnies - Pretty Reckless, Golden sweater - Doll Closet Collection, Watch - Swatch, Red Jeggings - Thrifted, Bag - Parisian, Flats - Bien. Location was at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City. like what i promise on my last blog Lookbook 2012 that i post more blogs and looks then here it goes i never brake my promises to you guy's and i hope you like my first 2013 look for today. I just prefer to wear my glitter golden sweater since it's a new year i want to make some shinning glittery on me also wearing my golden frame watch that i love most that keep in touch on my top and it match well, it's just a simple outfit in a simple day having some good times with my boyfriend also he's the one who took that photos. I know you guy's know him and thanks to him, about this red jeggings that i found at ukay-ukay well known as Thrifted, Yes i thrift and i really love thrift shop here in our City. i'll match it in my glittery sweater so it brings a color on the outfit since it's like a little golden i know red color are give a blash on this look and wear a cute flats that i really really love they are so comfy and i only got them for only Php250.00 very affordable they look like a leather shoes but they are not, only synthetic but i love them, of course my bag i just use it i know it match and wearing a circular ombre sunnies that i've got at Pretty Reckless.

First 2013 Look


  1. Love these red pants...Following your blog dear..Please follow mine if you like.