Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God is a DJ

 Spike Headband - Pretty Reckless Choker Necklace - Pretty Reckless Union Jack Flag Top - Doll Closet Collection Blue Jacket - Doll Closet Collection Studded Shorts - Pretty Reckless Spike Red Bracelet - Pretty Reckless Heel less - Sophisticat Shoes. Anything you want to ask about my latest look for today?

This union jack flag top was my favorite in this look and also this studded short that bring funky and cool style, i was wearing blue jacket to complete my outfit and i know they are perfectly match. what you think? drop some comment here if you agree or not, i appreciate positive also negative opinion to all of you guys because it's your own personal opinion and i respect that. :)

I know heel less shoes is so trendy now a day so here's mine in red hot style, i choose to wear this red heel less so outfit can complete with the color of red and blue.

So guy's goodnight for now i'm feeling sleepy na sobra, pero dahil love ko kayo here is my latest look for tonight haha and i hope you like it, much love - PSYCHOZATIC


  1. Wow...That is some experimental fashion! Totally love those shorts and the top...


  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sugar Lane :)

      Thank you sweetie <333

      - Zhack