Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Girl on Graffiti

Blog 107, Good evening guy's and i hope all of you have their dinner already, so here some of the preview of my look for today. since it's just a ordinary day i was wearing short and flats i choose this ( green ) short to wear coz' i love to wear it and for me this color of green suit on me and to my skin toe as well i was combining it with aztec print tank top and also have a prints of green and i think they are perfectly match outfit also match them with my black jacket, i really love wearing jackets , vest and some blazer. also choosing some accessory for this outfit it's really confusing sometime's you need to pick some and wear them and look at the mirror what is perfect in your look. Well i choose a ( white ) cross necklace to give attraction of this look also choosing a ( yellow ) belt that match in the color of my short and pick a ombre sunglasses in green and skull tassel ear cuff. outfit can't complete without my watch on haha and put some arm candy also i'll choose the ( Mustard ) hand bag with Skull and wearing flats with hearty polka design with ribbon in front. well that's all and i hope you like my ootd for today.

Wear my Looks : here some of the brand where you can find my outfit

Ombre Sunglasses - Young Wild Free
Skull Tassel Ear Cuff - Young Wild Free
White Cross Necklace - Pretty Reckless
Aztec Tank Top - Doll Closet Collection
Black Jacket - Doll Closet Collection
Shorts - Wilson
Watch - Casio
Arm Candy - Pretty Reckless
Skull Hand Bag - Reanson
Belt - www ( Sm Department Store )
Flats - Solemate ( Sm Department Store )
www & Solemate Sm City Pampanga

By the way i want to share to you guy's that this year is the best year to me, because i have some coming sponsor and i receive e-mail yesterday from a online shop dresses in u.k i hope this is the first step of my dreams, i sign already the sponsorship letter and send via e-mail. this is the opportunity that i been waiting for, thank you so much god for giving this opportunity ever. I'm so Happy <3


  1. nice look!and hey congrats on getting offers!all the best for more to come!!



    1. CanVirRies, Thank you so much <333

      Kisses :*

  2. u look great. congrats BTW :)


  3. Thank you so much Teona <333

    Kisses :*