Thursday, January 24, 2013


Blog 108, Hello guy's i know it's not a surprise to all of you that i was blogging ( late ) midnight and sharing my outfit post in the middle of the night and still i was awake and typing some words here in my blog. Well for me blogging in the middle of the night it's so weird, but i love blogging that no one else i can hear is only my keyboard while i'm typing and thinking what i'm going to say and share to all of you. i love silent place that's why every time i was blogging it was midnight and i'm here in my room. Well guy's for now i'll show you my latest look for today and share some brands where you can find my outfit post. It's only a ordinary day, shoot some video with my boyfriend and his bike that's why i wear like this, a comfortable outfit but seems so cool and nice a fresh look. for today i was in love with the color of brown or something not so colorful except the shoes is red haha but they are match right? This sweater is a gift from my sister in dubai ( Brands : Pull & Bear ) i really love this sweater and so excited to wear it, that's why i choose em' to wear. for me it's not so difficult combining this sweater you can wear shorts, skirt also dress to wear it. but rather than that i choose to wear pants ( Brands : Wilson ) and Sneakers from Vans. also i was wearing glasses & Evil Eye Earrings from Pretty Reckless i know this leopard glasses perfectly suit on my outfit and this cute earrings, so what is your comment with that? are they perfectly suit ? or not ? and also wearing some vintage watch is in now and i was talking about my watch ( Brand : Casio ) i know all of you already familiar about mix and match of Casio and put some arm candy haha, well i did that also but for now i just love wearing only my casio watch in this look. asking for my bag that i use? i got it at Sm Dept. store Sm City Pampanga ( Parisian ) i really love this bag i use it everytime also i love Sm Pampanga i'll shop at Dept. store everytime esp. Parisian brand and WWW. you can visit and shop there also cause THEY GOT IT ALL FOR YOU :)


Goodnight x


  1. Love those caramel pants...Looking forward to every post of yours..

    1. Hi Rupa, Thank you so much for all the lovely comment you post in my blog i really love to read them <3

      Zhack :)