Friday, November 23, 2012

Dress me like a Doll

Day 99, It's just a quick outfit post for today and sorry guy's i feel little sleepy this time it's already midnight here and still awake but after i blog i do sleep so over. A preppy chic look i got for today i just really in love with my dress and telling you i got it on sale haha, yeah it's only cheap price and very affordable and for lucky this one is last yayssss. i just only buy it for only Php495.00 on Robinson dept. store Brand : Never been kissed / My vintage circular sunglasses from Pretty Reckless also the long cross necklace and the mustache ring got em' there. Vintage watch from Casio Last my Red heel less shoes from Sophisticat Shoes.
Goodnight and hope you like my latest look for today.

Ansaveh ng nagtatali ng sapatos, haha


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blue girl in the City

Day 98, Say hello first to my new hair style for today and this is my first ever look for today with curly hair from Uzoh Salon, Well i decided to have a new hair style like this because i feel so much boring with my hair straight overrrr that's why i prepare to look like a bruha, wahaha dope. i love this hair style a cute tiny curly hair, dudes made it thank you so much dudes. and i first post it on Instagram follow me @Zhackparas ;) well i'm done with my palabok chika on my new hair style i just can't get enough hahaha... back to my outfit, i feel so much in love with blue now like my last post i wear some blue clothes etc. which i don't wear this color before hmmmmm? yah, but now i wear it everytime and there's something about this color which i don't know what it is, picking this dress is much fun i got it at Doll Closet Collection and my light blue polka dots blazer as well, also wearing a blue long cross necklace from Pretty Reckless i love cross necklace, yeah i love combining them each on my outfit i have so many colors of cross necklace which i buy from cristina decena on her shop YWF. Spike headband and arm candy also on Pretty Reckless My silver watch from Casio, Blue Flats - Solemate. location of this photo : along Buendia, Makati and oOhhh sorry for my sabaw face it so hot that time i think it's 01 : 00pm and the sun is fucking shine well.

Aztec Print ( Back Pack ) - GRAB

Ooh well guy's this is pretty cute i found some monster doll @ MOA haha fangs and they are so cute and lil weird and i can't control my self to have some picture with this dolls, maybe i'm part of them teeheee' do i look like em'? haha, i love this monster.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Collar

Day 97, Blue/Collar/Pink/Prints/Yellow/Spike Addiction day. *Collar Necklace - Pretty Reckless Top - Doll Closet Collection Spike Bracelet - Pretty Reckless Printed mini skirt - Jhavo Closet Sale Clutch - Liberte Ring - Cotton Candy Heels - Primadonna Holla, for the first time i was choosing the color blue in my outfit and i dunno why? haha, but i guess maybe on the printed minis that i bought from my co-blogger Jhavoo PFB/ since the print of the minis is blue and have some lil flowers so i choose some blue top, what do you think? for me it match on the minis and i put some collar necklace in pink to mix and match the color then prepare to pick a clutch than big bags or etc. haha so i can look like more girlish type today arggghh, what else? the shoes i pick have some 2 colors of yellow/blue so they are perfect like color blocking day and oOppss my spike bracelet and ring touch the outfit so much and i love it coz' the color not to shocking perfect for my skin toe ( tan ) haha, ansaveeeh? hope you like it, mwah <333

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cat in the City

Day 96, *Kitty Headband - Yhansy Floral Dress - Doll Closet Collection Denim Jacket - Doll Closet Collection Neon Satchel Bag - Parisian Arm Candy - Doll Closet Collection Sandals - Hua mei shoes ( Korea ) Meeow... lol, ooh hi? readers and bloggers i just miss blogging it's been a week turning busy again but here is my look for today a cat cute style hehehe, just joking... ahm a girlish outfit with my fake hair ( My wig ) haha, yeah.... i love wearing this wig coz' i love the long hair peg. hihi and wearing my kitty headband that suit well on my hair, teehee''... i was wearing a simple floral print dress that's why i decided to combine some denim jacket to look great and choose some pinkish arm candy and sandals, also i prepare to use my neon satchel bag to give some color on my outfit and hope you guys like it.
kisses from Ph.
- Zhack

Monday, November 5, 2012

Criminal Mind

Day 95, * Hand Sunglasses - Pretty Reckless Sweater w/ sequins - Doll Closet Collection Watch - Casio Floral Leggings - Thrifted Heel less shoes - Sophisticat Shoes i know, it's already late here blogging my outfit but this is only my free time nyaha : / after all long weekend i just only have time now and for tomorrow back to my lil business. i was really tired last whole weekend having my work and malling watch some movie of Vice Ganda haha " This guy's in love with you mare " and the movie of Anne Curtis " A Secret Affair " and last " Suddenly it's Magic " di ko man peg manuod ng cine sa lagay na yan. but i enjoy it esp. the movie of Vice & Erich also Anne :) kabog lahat, well masyado ako nag-enjoy kaka kwento about what happen the long bakasyon here back to my outfit post, this photo took last Oct 28, 2012 ( Thursday ) i was too exited wearing my hand sunglasses from Pretty Reckless since the color of this is gold i decided to wear my sweater with sequins of gold and some beads so it match on my glasses and wearing some floral print leggings and match with my heel less red shoes and hope you guys like it.