Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Drop Dead

Day 94, * Spike Headband - Pretty Reckless Cross earrings - Young Wild Free Choker - Pretty Reckless Oversize Top - No Name Bone Tights - Gen's Closet Creepers - Thrifted O.k i know what's on your mind why i choose this outfit... oh yah coz' it's 31 of Oct and the next day is Nov. 01 and it's Halloween oOhhh... but wait wait wait i'm advance haha yeah i'm exited in Halloween Day here ahm maybe i'll go to cemetery with my boyfriend coz' he said he go here tomorrow night and meet some old friends i think, and drink some ... lol i don't know why we do that, drink session that day. for me it's easy to lie with mom haha.... though i say i go to cemetery but i just only drink @3am hope i can see my friends then. O.k back to my looks and of course it's my personal style i love every pieces in this look and they match together the spike headband did a great touch on my head so it's not boring as then and my one piece cross earrings look so nice i so love to wear em' the choker also match coz' of the gold color i love combining gold in black they are perfect match also in white, agree? for me yes, they look so glam and punky my arm candy are from Pretty Reckless too, and this  bone tights are the center of attraction on my outfit i love this i wear this tights on Halloween hahaha, i don't care if i look like a monster lol pretty monster and last my creepers got em' only at pasay thrift shop and for lucky they are brand new haha, i'm so bless again i prepare to choose them than the other shoessy coz' they look perfect in this outfit, o.k got to go and i feel little sleepy i just miss you guys... Have a great day and Happy Halloween.

Gold meet Black = Perfect

Yay'sss so in love with my new Creeppyy...

Hand Bone Ring - Pretty Reckless


Monday, October 29, 2012

Zigzag Ombre

Day 93, *Floral Crown - D.i.y, Necklace - WWW, Zigzag Top - Doll Closet Collection, Belt - SM dept. store, Ombre short - MTO Doll Closet Collection, Handbag - Roma Italy, Heels -Sophisticat Shoes Hello, it's been a week since i don't post here i was too busy for some negosyo haha, yeah... I have my new another Online Shop on facebook i'm selling some of trendy accessory now a days of course they are affordable and fashionable. back to my look of the day i prepare to wore this chic look coz' it was so hot in the Philippines in my ( Country ) and i love that weather, coz' you can wear some short short. haha but i mix it on my zigzag top to look so attactive & also choosing some killer bone heels from Sophisticat so i look tall and sexy. Charot'' haha... It's just only simple look but chic, by the way thank you for those people/ friend/ relatives/ my boyfriend who greet me in my colorful birthday blash last Oct 26, for those who post/ txt/ comment/ pm me on facebook i was so glad you guys remember my day even some are not my close friend they greet me you guys part of my day and make me smile that morning and made my day complete i don't have any wishes in my birthday for me i was so bless i have my family/ friends/ love one/ and wake up every morning were complete and of course i'm happy with my things haha, feel so contented, charotera lang ang peg hihi and of course those people who gave some gifts yaysss i so love them so much, thank you talaga God bless you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Day 92, *Headband - Doll Closet Collection Floral Top - Doll Closet Collection Floral Jacket - Doll Closet Collection Leggings - Thrifted Bag - Gift Sneakers - Kicks Cross Necklace - Young Wild Free outfit for today a sweet and simple look i was wearing this kind of outfit because in a lil bit i go to mall and this look was so comfy to wear i love wearing similar design like what is on my top design is the same on my kicks too haha i think i'm a lil bit crazy on floral asual like what you see i love the design of floral on top  jacket dress kicks etc. for me it's a girl thing preppy and sweet kind of print on clothes.

Psychozatic <3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Living Young Wild Free

Day 91, Here some of my new babies got em' from Young Wild Free will wear this adorable babies soon.

Triple Spike Ear Cuff in Silver

Gold Skull Ear Cuff

Long Cross Earrings

Skull Tassel Ear Cuff

I was pretty excited to wear em'. Thank you YWF

Ombre Sunglasses in Green

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Heart Shaped Sunglasses in Grey

Yellow Rhinestones Studded Sunglasses

Circular Sunglasses in Brown

I'm not a totally fanned of sunglasses but this babies caught my attention everytime YWF share their items on facebook i'm so excited to see them of course own em', now i have them and can't wait to wear each of this cute stuff of mine. Thank you Cristina Decena and nice meeting you also. Oopssy if you ask me where do i got em'? just visit Young Wild Free on Facebook and you can visit also YWF boot @SuperSale Bazaar today 'til sunday @ World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cross Road

Day 90, *Hats - WWW Cross Necklace - Young Wild Free Vintage Polo - Doll Closet Collection Bag -  Parisian Shorts - Wilson Watch - Swatch Shoes - Jialianna Shoes. I was blogging late for today and feel little  sleepy but for the sake of blogging oh yes, i'm here hehe, share my outfit/style to all of you guys. i decided to mix and match of this looks coz' i love playing with fashion and style i prepare to wear a vintage polo coz' it match in my maroon hats and wear a green shorts follow by my flatform style booties shoes' for me this look was great coz' it so comfortable to wear in the street along Manila. hehe

Nail Art ? xxx

While walking along Ortigas

Goodnight, Thank you for droppin' by