Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chocolate Chronicles

Day 81, Hats - WWW, Cross Necklace - Young Wild free, Sweater - Fideco, Yellow belt - WWW, Ombre Studded Shorts - MTO, Watch - Swatch, Bag - Parisian, Shoes - Kicks. Holla, it's been a couple a days since i don't blog, i was too busy again for something and guys here's my outfit yesterday. so if you go yesterday at Mall of Asia Cobra-URGE Ride Rules, Grand Finals re-set. i was there watching at the event with my boyfriend Renz and also with some girls who know me and approach me, thanks and nice meeting you all :) it was a fun event but since we been there at 4:30-8:00PM and standing 4 hours. now i have Muscle Cramps :( by the way this photo took along Makati, Buendia. about my looks it's a very comfy outfit specially my new floral kicks, i super love to wear them even though i'm not a big fan of wearing sneakers or some rubber shoes but this made my mind change haha, lol hope you guys like my latest outfit for today.

Monday, September 24, 2012


Day 80, Hats - WWW, Polo - D.i.y, Cross Necklace - Young Wild Free, Watch - Swatch, Bag - Parisian, Leggings - Thrifted, Shoes - Jialianna Shoes. as i promise here some of the details of my outfit and where do i got them as you know i post the event that i attend last saturday and i wearing this style. actually i really don't know what i'm gonna wear at the event at Classic & Manila, so i just decided to wear a comfy outfit that day and yes! it's comfy for me specially my shoes i really love walking at the street wearing flatform style shoes so it easy to walk and of course i was too excited to wear my d.i.y polo, yeah! i just made that, put some stud on it. hehe, people close to me know that i love d.i.y things and proud to wear them free and you guys hope you like them too, about my legging i choose this star print coz' it caught of attention with everyone so they remember me. Oh yeah! that's Zhack Paras wearing that style at the event ". hehe... also my big cross necklace that i love most and perfectly close to my outfit. for now cross necklace are my favorite accessory and got white also! thank you YWF also Cristina Decena i love your shop so much!

Thank you!

I was too sleepy that day :/ sorry for my poor face haha.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Classic & Manila - Vans Event!

Day 79, Hello! I'm back... so it's been a couple a week since i did not post here and so sorry guys for i can't update here a week. I'm kinda busy with some client order at DCC and too bad my laptop sucks a couple a days too can't press the #1 on my keyboard so i just only use my old keyboard and i hate it. maybe i need to go at technician to change this shit keyboard of mine so i need to pay expensive for this shit huhu. but forget it! haha, by the way here some photos of the Event that i attend last Saturday here @ Vans! so as we all known Vans Celebrate there Classic Event all over the World. here also in Ph we Celebrate CLASSIC & MANILA this event is open to everyone with free foods & Drinks also there's a live band some local artist attend here and support Vans Ph also there Local Rider's/Skaters rock Vans also! foods are also classic & pinoy style like Taho,Ice Cream,Pandesal,Petite Lumpiang shanghai,Chicken Barbeque,Isaw and alot more... they also give free mineral water drinks and beverages OHSHOT! a must event of Vans i enjoy much of the Dj beats also thanks for inviting us, where on the V.I.P AREA that's why i take a lot of picture with some local artist like JR,DJ M.O.D of Showtime and my Favorite DJ Sanya Smith she's a cool one and someone said where look alike wahaha.. oh noh, she's pretty and i love her so much. I'm a fanned of Dj Sanya now the lovely daughter of the Greatest Rock & Roll Artist here in Ph Pepe Smith. About my outfit will post it tomorrow so you guys known where do i got all the pieces that i'm wearing this event. also thank you to miss Thina Abandon Marketing Manager of Vans Ph she's so kind thank you Miss Thina & Soc.

Renz Viaje ( BMX Rider at Vans Ph )

Bag and Shoes Customize ( What can i say? GREAT )

Event Start 3 : 00 pm

I was too busy looking at there customize design, i love them all :(

This one i really love most, caught my attention.

aww, pretty cool design.

love this also.

My favorite Jaime Tud, he's a great man that's why i was planning to have tattoo on my arm na gawa nya.
I'm a fanned also of jaime Tud.


Eyesss hehe

Free Ice Cream at the Event

and also Taho, Pinoy's favorite. Vans did a great job

There's a Nail Art also.

I was too serious Every time, plssss don't ask me to smile when camera's flash. i don't care if i look like lazy or something boring. it's about my outfit not my face hehe. pls don't bother anyway.

got this, for foods haha

Kap & Renz Rocki'n Vans.

Classic & Timeless

Got my Vans Giveaways, Thank you so much.


With Soc

The Petite Lumpiang Shanghai

with JR

Jr and Dj M.O.D

Diego and kiddos with Bea Binene

with DJ M.O.D

With Sanya Smith oh i love her, she so cool & nice.

Renz with Julie Anne San Jose


Let's SHOT.

flavors love the MANGOCOSMOPOLITAN

Crush ko lang, haha.

Husband of Maricar

with Kiddos of Vans.

Omg, ang tangkad nya at ang liit ko haha.

with Leah Rous actually pauwe na kame then nakita nya kame so yun didn't know na kaya pala andun si Ji Alvarez siya pala yung photographer and hinde ko napansin. bute nakita namen si Leah haha at nakapagpicture kame dun before umuwi.

with Armand

Goodies! Thank you Vans Ph for this, ohemmmgeee i love the Sexy Sando and bag. i love Everything from you Vans.

Thank you,