Monday, August 27, 2012

It's all about D.I.Y

Day 65, A d.i.y mania time! since i can't sleep last night and don't know what to do, i feel boring if i just stay in bed and watch the clock run. like tiktok tiktok... teehee' yeah! so boring, so i was thinking what else i can do in the middle of the night? can't go outside, i'm scared umh can't play loud music also coz' everybody sleeping in our house, so i might thinking what the best thing to do? for not wasting my time. i saw the glue gun and my glue stick suddenly i saw my beads box and yeah just trippin made some d.i.y like this! as i said before i love d.i.y,  check each picture with details. hope you like it psycho friend!

My Gold Eyewear got this at MarQuee Mall 4months ago i think! hihi, but never worn it. but now i wear this, coz' i made it and proud to wear it with new different style! for this i use my glue gun with glue stick of course aha, and some eye beads look ( i think ) don't know what they call this, but call them by my self eye beads, hehe they are my earrings that i don't use for a long time. so now they are not stock at my beads box.  i use them for this d.i.y segment D.I.Y Gold Eyewear with my Necklace chain. Hope you like it!

This one is kinda Metallic ang peg! got this eye wear with my sister and no one use it. even me i don't wear a eye wear like this. i don't know? maybe it's not my type. so i can make this instant eye wear attraction! gaga ang peg? lol, the silver cross buy em' at Divisoria and other silver too. It's easy to make this kind of d.i.y if you have a weapon ( glue gun and glue stick )! haha. you can make like this with your incredible mind.
( Front )

( Side )

This triple headband buy them last week and i think they are so simple and boring. so i make them like this to look hot and rock & roll chick. hihi

Black with 1 pc silver cross

Gold with 3 pcs silver cross

Brown with 3 pcs silver cross also

My Neon earrings that i don't use. i made them Punky earrings to look like more cool and edgy

Ring, got em with my niece it's a children ring with design of ben ten. haha! yeah, a ben ten cover ring Alien force. I put some beads in it and some silver so they don't see the exact design of the ring. hihi i hope you like it... you can drop any comment dear.

When worn, Yay's this one is my second look will blog this tomorrow for more photo's/details! I hope you like em'. if you ask me if i like them? yeah! totally like and proud i made them for fun. :) 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bad Kitty

Day 64, A edgy look for today another great idea for my d.i.y top and some rock & roll kitty effect in this outfit for today! like i promise last night i post ASAP wearing my new Kitty Headband from Yhansy, so here it goes my first look wearing this Kitty Headband and my D.i.y Top! yeah, i made this Skull top and i blog this before but forgot the date yet, you check it in my blog list post. i love making d.i.y because it's really fun making your own like what i read from another blogger " Why we buy it ? If we can make it ?! " Trinketsinbloom i adore and love this girl, she has a incredible mind that's why i visit her blog everyday and learn from her! ahm by the way this top is my H&M top that i don't use and stock all over a year at my closet. I thought i can't use it anymore but for lucky i saw a guy at the beach and wearing a Skull top, so i was fell in love with the top since the first time i saw it. suddenly i was fast to browse the net and search for this Skull top but i so it, and it's too much expensive :( $$$ Oohheemmgeeh! so i was thinking how can i get that Skull Top :( for lucky my mind run faster hahaha! I was copy the photo that i saw then i look a tee's in my closet that i don't use and yay'sss so this plain white tee's i found! at first i was afraid to cut it, i thought i can't make it, so i decided to draw a Skull figure at the back of the tee's so it easy to cut it! so here my Masterpiece haha! my edgy skull top made by me...

Necklace? i bought this to my friend Jeroy! he's my BFF & FASHION LOVER also!

Skull Ring ? from Vanity ( Dept. store / Robinson Mall )
Neon Love Ring ? D.I.Y made by me!

Kitty Headband ? from Yhansy

Studded Bracelet ? from Doll Closet Collection

Skull Hand Bag ? from Reanson

Boots - Ice Queen

Till next blog... xxx

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kitty Headband

Day 63, Another cute stuff arriving, got this yesterday at exactly 12:06 pm via LBC from Yhansy. I was so surprise when i first so the box, because it was so cute and presentable i mean yeah! this was my first time to order @ Yhansy online shop and for so many times i was order online this was the first ever order with box even just only a headband. but wait a cute and lovely headband found at there online shop! for a simple reason i love Cats, that's why i attract with this Kitty Headband. hohoho! i wish i can be cat for few minutes, Meowwww. teehee' this wish granted  forever with this lovely Kitty Headband so i can be a fashionable cat wearing this coz' i have so many pearl in my ears. yay's ! Can't wait to wear this for my latest look, will blog again this cute stuff.

Lovely Yhansy Box

I was surprise with this Yhansy discount card! Yehey, got em' 5 discount card so i can shop at there store with my 15% OFF discount, Thank you Yhansy! love your shop now,

Ooppssy! Here's my lovely Kitty Headband got em' only Php299.00

Can't wait to wear em' so i took a photo asap wearing my Kitty Headband, meeoooww..... Hope you like it! till next blog, goodnight psycho readers meoowww. teehee'.


Day 62, Another glam look this night and post it title Palazzo! i called this Palazzo because of the place where this photo took at, Grand Palazzo Royale it's a reception venue/catering during wedding or something you can go to have events. like 18 birthday or something else! for me it's a nice place in Angeles City, Pampanga. actually it's my first time to go here and i was amaze at the place like your living like a Princess. i mean it's a nice place where you can celebrate your memorable day here. so you can't forget it! haha, yeah i miss this place, actually i really want to go here someday. ahm by the way thanks to Erle for this lovely place... back to the outfit, i was wearing all sponsor items for Pampanga Fashion Bloggers held last Sunday ( August 19, 2012 ) Organize by : Khai my fellow blogger. She's also the owner/designer of Quirkypedia shop and one of the sponsor of this Photoshoot Event, Actually the whole outfit that i wearing is from KhaiMM's ShoppinessArtcessories & Quirkypedia shop the heels is from my fellow blogger also! Thank you for this chick & glam outfit... will blog  next time the behind the scene of this photoshoot and some photographer snapshot like Bernardine GarciaAnson OngJulius Christopher Bala and lot more!!! :) just drop in everyday for my everyday blog and also you can drop a lovely comment if you want, feel free to be close to me i can be your friend.

Psychozatic GirL xx

Tribal Print Turban - Quirkypedia shop

Detachable collar - Quirkypedia shop

Belt - Ate tse

Shorts - Khai Nunag

Bracelets - Artcessories
Heels - Sponsor ( Fellow blogger )

Thank you Psycho readers for droppin' by my Psycho blog! xxx


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

☆ღ Neon ADDICTION ☆ღ

Day 61, A neon fever, oh no... sorry for late blog for today, I'm kinda busy last week & this day chos! haha, hell yah... that's true! busy last sunday for PFB Photoshoot and i was tired the whole week to get up, and yesterday i was thinking for some new collection at my shop to sell. I might think some weird and different kind of style. so i go to somewhere to buy some kalakuti to make some DIY ( Do It Yourself )  day! So yesterday i've done 4pcs of necklace and here they are from my collection of Neon ADDICTION 100 - 200 Php only! yah totally cheap and affordable items, of course i can gave you a MTO ( Made To Order ) basis. but only from my collection of Necklace the others are On-Hand and i don't made them. only these weird necklace, by the way i call it SUICIDE NECKLACE. funny right? sounds weird? yah, Psycho girl is a weirdo. but this Necklace is IN now! chos, haha yeah. Neon is in nowadays that's why i made this NEON SUICIDE NECKLACE for you fashion bloggers. hope you might like it! Wish me luck to sell more items. proud i have a weirdo mind to make this shit. haha, that's why i love my sense of humor. You can visit my Online Shop on FACEBOOK Doll Closet Collection. Grab you SUICIDE NECKLACE now!!! I'm happy to see you guys wearing my collection.

love... xxx
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Since i'm a music lover this day i want to share with you guys, this video of Maroon 5 - Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa ahm, found it interesting for some reason haha, check out the lyrics! yay'ss it's a personal lovelove haha,


Oopssy! REWIND again and again. i just miss someone blah,blah,blah! imma getting weak. LOL!
Psycho Girl loves you!