Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sambos and Cappuccino Shakes

Oh my! i love Red Bucks Coffee Shakes

Yummy, Sambos and Silvanas + Party Cupcake!

My Sambos! #Nom.

Day 44, Since Sm San fernando are open now, it's easy to go at the Mall while you are in the San fernando Market Place! Well i discover some shakes, Teehee... since i was little girl i really love shakes especially chocolate flavor, then when i grow up i might choose coffee or cappuccino shakes ahm i think they taste good! and i'm too old na, haha ! well as far as i know there's a lot of coffee house and shakes \ fruits house in Pampanga or Sm Pampanga like The Coffee Academy Pampangas Best-BldgStarbucksZaguShakes, Black Pearl, Old Manila, Coffee Overdose and there's a lot more!!! :D but for lucky me, i saw another of coffee shakes while i'm looking for some new dress at SM Department Store and it's near only at Dept. Store 3rd floor ( SM San fernando ) Red Bucks Coffee Shakes so thank you, your here in Pampanga i was addicted with your Coffee and Cappuccino shakes! i really want to buy em' everyday with different flavor. haha! so addicted and with those yummy Sambos at Brownies unlimited a perfect match #Coffee shake and #Chocolate Sambos! i love... Hope you guys might taste this sweet kind of food, till next blog!

Psychozatic Girl! xxx

Old Fashion Exhibit

Day 43, This Photo taken last month ago June 26, 2012 i think!?, at Sm Pampanga with my boyfriend! before we go here i just meet some customer for meet up schedule at my Online shop Doll Closet Collection then have meryenda at McDonalds after a meryenda date are feet are so makati to walk along at Sm to check what is the latest fashion now a day, then we saw this Fashion Exhibit along Sm ( Annex 2 ) so we decided to know who is the Designer of those lovely gown that we saw and read some history of them, and of course  took some photo so i can share them to you ! I was inspire with those design that i saw they are so perfect and lovely proud to be Pinoy. Amazing!

You can gave a love and Hype my looks on :

 I was wearing this lovely Yellow top with polka dots from Doll Closet Collection

Flats - Thrifted

 i love this black gown with scarf

 Long beach dress Design by : ito.curata

 Cover at " Movieline " magazine

 Photo sketch, how i wish i know how to draw like this!

renzviaje My supportive boyfriend!

The Mastermind hi? I'm Zhack...

haha, ganyan talaga ako Camera Addict!

Sabi ko na diba?

I love this one! Nice Design.


How to put a rosary with Passion, like this one.

 after we go at Fashion Exhibit i saw my College friend noimie at Sm nyaha! to be honest lage siya sa Sm and i don't know ano ginagawa nya dyan everyday, lage ko siya nakikita. hihi i love you noims!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am athletic I surf the net

Day 42, A rainy day outfit for today! since it's rainy season here in our Country i wear this kind of outfit and i think it match perfectly, what do you think? i wear some hats coz' i think it's better to look good on this ! My lovely Hat and Candy Necklace from Doll Closet Collection. This lovely colorful Candy Necklace is only Php250.00 affordable and trendy right? My adorable Sweater from Lamb, My Pink Clutch bag by the way i love this Clutch hehe this one is from Liberte Apparel Robinsons Department Store My Leggings ( Horse Print ) - Billion PLUS and this cute leopard print flatform shoes from Thrifted ( Ukay-Ukay)!

Psychozatic Girl... xxx Stay Wicked!

" Thrift " is much BETTER!

Day 41, Holla! Rainy evening to all of you, nothing much to do when it comes the Rainy Season arrived in our Country! Like me, i just sit and surfing the net all day #blog, #eat, #coffee, #post, #LB, #fb, #sleep, #edit haha! yeah... and that's my routine all day, boring? for me? NO! i love to share my life and style to all of you that's why i'm here everyday. Well here some my new? ahm, new in my shoe racks! this leopard & Grey flatform style heels i got them at thrift shop Quezon Ave, Lucena City but don't know what probably the name of the shop. and i love to go there soon! Teehee, i love Ukay-Ukay and wear them PROUD! you know why i choose to pick em? it's because i really love em'. before we go to Lucena , me and my boyfriend go to SM Pampanga and i saw some shoes ( The same with this pretty flatform ) i said to him, i want to buy those shoes when i got money, then that cost of  P1,299.00 at Mags outlet. i love Mags also specially there brilliant shoes. but then we go to Lucena and my boyfriend told me there's a lot of Ukay-Ukay there. then i said Tara! haha, i was shock when we go at Ukay in Quezon because there's a lot of lovely shoes with affordable prices and i saw some Jeffrey Campbell boots style i want to buy em' but too bad it's size: 11 nyaha! malas lang... then i saw these lovely flatform and i remember the shoes on Mags that i want, Teehee i'm so Lucky coz' they look like brandnew as in. ( kase wala gasgas sa apakan ) i got em' only for cheap price! soo happy to own em'. lovelovelove Thrift!

Psychozatic Girl! xxx

Friday, July 27, 2012

I always keep my standards and my heels high

Day 40, A bloomy night everyone! Oh, sorry for late to post on my blog. It's already midnight Teehee, here's my latest look tonight/today! haha, A girls night out outfit nyaha... i really love this combination of #Headband #Necklace #Top #Leggings #High Heels #Fashionable Watch! Perfect #MIND zhack. i love to Style my self everyday, looking at the mirror and thinking what is the Perfect match on my outfit. i really love to look like Barbie specially dressing up with colorful style and have a glamorous make up, i can style my self and make my self beautiful everyday! ( Some don't like me, the way i dress up and talk about shit ). Well thank you for wasting your time, I don't care what you think about Me. I NEVER THINK ABOUT YOU! don't feel to much Insecure, nyaha! Here some details of my Look for Today. Rosy Headband from Doll Closet Collection This Pink & Blue Ribbon Necklace from quirkypediashop My Rainbow colorful top from Doll Closet Collection also my Leggings ! My Fashionable Watch from Swatch and My lovely Leopard High Heels from primadonnashoesofficial That's all for now! Goodnight.

Psychozatic girl xOxO! much love,

Necklace - quirkypediashop
Rainbow top - Doll Closet Collection
Watch - Swatch