Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out Of NoWhere

Day 13, A quick post before i go to Sleep!!!

Headband - Doll Closet Collection
Sweater - Doll Closet Collection
Pants - Doll Closet Collection
Wedges - 'Xao girl

Goodnight!!! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Me and My Boyfriend

Day 12, Ooh! Sorry for late to post anything on my blog. as i said before i update this everyday nyaha but too busy for something! Here's a picture of mine with my boyfriend Renz as i said with my last blog, the top that i wear is sakanya hehehe and the cap as well! We decided to took a photo to each other ahmmm... wala lang trip lang, but just to show you guys how amazing i am by Styling TOINKS! haha, well i prepare to be stylish someday. Hey !!! Come and Hire me? I'm just here. hihi, well just kidding ahm this look is totally cool coz' the shirt is from Men's tee from Teammanila ofcourse. but look at me closer... it fit's on me and perfectly suit on me. right? agree? yeah if it's not! Ok. ahm if you like this shirt or if you want your girlfriend wear like this just go to Teammanila boutique. nyaha! kung maka market ako feeling sponsor, hehe. but just want to help and support filipino pride! I heart Teammanila Lifestyle.

Goodnight!!! Stay Psycho

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Physical Education

Cap - Vans
Top - Teammanila Lifestyle

Watch - Swatch

Gold / Silver bracelet - Doll Closet Collection

Day 11, Swag Look haha! yeah, I feel like i'm a swagger lol. Yayss!!! fake outfit haha, The top is really Cool right? just borrowed em' to my boyfie hehe it's a Men's Tee from Teammanila Lifestyle but yea it's suit on me!!! also the cap that i wear is from my boyfie Renz. he's one of the sponsor of  Teammanila & Vans Ph Manila i'm so proud of him ( But he doesn't know that ikr ). Well Ohh my Pants got em at Doll Closet Collection / Sneakers from Vans also haha! I hope you like this look even i look like a Negra here hihi. took this pic after Summer Vacation that's why i look so tanned.

That's all... keep Psychozatic ! Stay wicked.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Say Hello to my Kitty

Day 10, Here some of my Trendy Hello Kitty Eyewear, isn't Cute? nahh, i know they are really cute. but i love the brown one co'z it suit on me. nyaha! yeah! hmm i love them all that's why i buy them by colors/design, I hope you get one of yours too.

byebye!!! See you tomorrow Psycho friends.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A day without Love

Top - Chapel
Scarf - Doll Closet Collection

Leggings - Doll Closet Collection

Day 9
My Booties - Jellybean

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chill a Ride at Night

My boyfriend visit me here in Pampanga before he go to Singapore for BMX FLATLAND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION ( FLATDEV ) at July 6-7-8 2012.

This photo took last friday, we decided to visit some locals rider here in Pampanga.

I was the one who took some Snapshot to them, SMILE NAMAN KAYO!!! MASYADO KAYO SERIOUS!!! Then they SMILE haha :)

Ooopssy! I'm the only girl yayysss, but i don't ride a bike eek.

Smile Zhack :)

Bike nila

Camera Testing!

This one is kyOoot haha, I'm really thirsty na that time ea.

Shy Type?

Here some Spot of our City

Pampanga Capitol

The Place

The History of Maximino H. Hizon

Read This!!!

I really love to go here specially at Night!

Snapshot with Renz Viaje.

Of course ME!

Camera addict!

Feeling turista lang ang peg ni bf!

Parang Heto haha :)

Even i wear only some slippers i really love to take some photo, y*ck lang! Trip ko to ea.

Feeling hinde taga Pampanga haha, kung makapagpicture WAGAS!

Just being Simple

Pose again!

I love this!

This one too!



Watch - Fossil

Pants - NF

Top - Doll Closet Collection

Day 8, I really enjoy this Night and have fun with some Locals Rider here in our City, they are really nice and Machika haha. See you next time !!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pink Clutch

Day 7, Finally i adopt my baby now. Yehey!!! the first time i saw her i was fell in love and also the other baby Clutch color. ( Blue and Grey ) This Clutch has a 3 different color like what i said Pink,Blue and Gray, Actually i love them all but i decided to buy this one. I'm not totally a Pink Lover or what else i just find it cute and girly color that i think it suit with some of my style, Well got em at Robinson Department Store / Brand - Liberte.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Back to School

Day 6, A Little Preview About My Outfit Post!

  • Hello Kitty Eyewear - Doll Closet Collection
  • Top - Doll Closet Collection
  • Shorts - Wilson
  • Watch - Swatch
  • Socks - Doll Closet Collection
  • Heels - Primadonna

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fashion is Rainbow


Day 5, Here some a lil photo of my " free Belt ". Yes! they are only free and i love em the colors they are so cute and simple like rainbow. That's why i decided to took a photo on it haha, eek! got this cute babies nung bumili ako ng short with different colors. 4 Shorts so i have 4 free belt also yaysss. Ding!!! happy :) addict lang sa colorful shorts ngayon ahm maybe i post them soon so you can see them, by next blog post! Ooopss, i know bet niyo din sila, So follow up everyday here for you to check my Coolest style and stuff!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Milk in Bed

Day 4, a quick outfit post before i go in bed because i'm a little tired na the whole day cleaning our house haha, maid lang ang peg ko today! successful naman ang cleanliness sa bahay. here's a little preview about my outfit today.
  • Sweater - Doll Closet Collection
  • My Scapula Necklace - Mom's gift
  • Booties - Jeffrey Campbell