Monday, November 5, 2012

Criminal Mind

Day 95, * Hand Sunglasses - Pretty Reckless Sweater w/ sequins - Doll Closet Collection Watch - Casio Floral Leggings - Thrifted Heel less shoes - Sophisticat Shoes i know, it's already late here blogging my outfit but this is only my free time nyaha : / after all long weekend i just only have time now and for tomorrow back to my lil business. i was really tired last whole weekend having my work and malling watch some movie of Vice Ganda haha " This guy's in love with you mare " and the movie of Anne Curtis " A Secret Affair " and last " Suddenly it's Magic " di ko man peg manuod ng cine sa lagay na yan. but i enjoy it esp. the movie of Vice & Erich also Anne :) kabog lahat, well masyado ako nag-enjoy kaka kwento about what happen the long bakasyon here back to my outfit post, this photo took last Oct 28, 2012 ( Thursday ) i was too exited wearing my hand sunglasses from Pretty Reckless since the color of this is gold i decided to wear my sweater with sequins of gold and some beads so it match on my glasses and wearing some floral print leggings and match with my heel less red shoes and hope you guys like it.


  1. awesome look!
    those "glasses" r amazing, and the shoes!!!

    1. @SugarLane Thank you my dearest, <33333

  2. Amazing post! Love those shoes so much!

  3. You can't be real, too amazing.