Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Collar

Day 97, Blue/Collar/Pink/Prints/Yellow/Spike Addiction day. *Collar Necklace - Pretty Reckless Top - Doll Closet Collection Spike Bracelet - Pretty Reckless Printed mini skirt - Jhavo Closet Sale Clutch - Liberte Ring - Cotton Candy Heels - Primadonna Holla, for the first time i was choosing the color blue in my outfit and i dunno why? haha, but i guess maybe on the printed minis that i bought from my co-blogger Jhavoo PFB/ since the print of the minis is blue and have some lil flowers so i choose some blue top, what do you think? for me it match on the minis and i put some collar necklace in pink to mix and match the color then prepare to pick a clutch than big bags or etc. haha so i can look like more girlish type today arggghh, what else? the shoes i pick have some 2 colors of yellow/blue so they are perfect like color blocking day and oOppss my spike bracelet and ring touch the outfit so much and i love it coz' the color not to shocking perfect for my skin toe ( tan ) haha, ansaveeeh? hope you like it, mwah <333