Monday, October 29, 2012

Zigzag Ombre

Day 93, *Floral Crown - D.i.y, Necklace - WWW, Zigzag Top - Doll Closet Collection, Belt - SM dept. store, Ombre short - MTO Doll Closet Collection, Handbag - Roma Italy, Heels -Sophisticat Shoes Hello, it's been a week since i don't post here i was too busy for some negosyo haha, yeah... I have my new another Online Shop on facebook i'm selling some of trendy accessory now a days of course they are affordable and fashionable. back to my look of the day i prepare to wore this chic look coz' it was so hot in the Philippines in my ( Country ) and i love that weather, coz' you can wear some short short. haha but i mix it on my zigzag top to look so attactive & also choosing some killer bone heels from Sophisticat so i look tall and sexy. Charot'' haha... It's just only simple look but chic, by the way thank you for those people/ friend/ relatives/ my boyfriend who greet me in my colorful birthday blash last Oct 26, for those who post/ txt/ comment/ pm me on facebook i was so glad you guys remember my day even some are not my close friend they greet me you guys part of my day and make me smile that morning and made my day complete i don't have any wishes in my birthday for me i was so bless i have my family/ friends/ love one/ and wake up every morning were complete and of course i'm happy with my things haha, feel so contented, charotera lang ang peg hihi and of course those people who gave some gifts yaysss i so love them so much, thank you talaga God bless you.

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