Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dude' Imma Soldier

Day 86, Camo Cap - this cap is from York Uno and he gave it to renz and i just borrowed it to renz, York is one of the greatest Flatland Rider in Japan and also he's one my favorite flatland rider. i just only met him once here in Ph last 2009 at the event Flat Master 2k9 and that was a long time ago. hihi'' Camo Blazer - Doll Closet Collection this is my new collection at DCC and i have only 2 stock for this camo blazer, grab yours now it's trendy now a days. OMG Top - Grey, Ombre Shorts - MTO, Watch - Mom's watch, Arm Candy - Doll Closet Collection, Tattoo Stockings - Gen's Closet and i super love this trendy stockings, the first time i saw it. Bone heels - Sophisticat Shoes i love wearing this heels they are so comfy on my feet of course i love Sophisticat Shoes. Thanks, Miss : Janna :) about my look for today is kinda sexy look soldier since camo is trendy here, i decided to mix and match each items and there it goes they look perfectly mitchy  matchy together.

Thank you
Psychozatic love's you


  1. So soldier girl..nice! tough look!