Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Organizing my Stuff in my Room!

Day 51, Since it's raining outside i really don't want to go anywhere esp. this kind of weather. too bad many of people are suffer now on flood! i saw on the news yesterday, sobra dame places na binaha here in our country! even here in pampanga, marame bayan ang nilubog ng baha kase non-stop ang ulan! i hope you guys / friends and relatives are safe, i'll pray for your safety ! if someone ask me if i'm o.k now? Yes! so lucky our house have 2nd floor and my room is there also, lubog sa daan namen and near places. sa loob ng house hinde naman, so no worries about Psycho girl! i can update even rain or shine here on my blog, i really want to help those people now, even be just little thing! i can donate some of my clothes that i don't use but they are in good condition of course, if someone read this and san pwede ibigay ang donation ng mga clothes! kindly pm me on facebook, don't hesitate to ask me anything there!

Staring at my window na sana tumigil ang ulan!

Since it's rainy days, i decided to clean my messy room and organize some of my shoes & bags!

Stay out!!! i don't want anyone enter my room while i'm cleaning! teehee'. busy days!!!

Some of my shades and my favorite Bratz Doll!


hybition shades! lovelove xxx

earrings holder!

rings & earrings

Neon earrings d.i.y , Watches ( Fossil , Swatch )

Belts, Necklace and etc..... hihihi

Some of my shoes are organize just now!

Necklace & Bunny Headband

After organizing and cleaning my room i decided to play this game ( typer shark deluxe ) actually i don't play games online or something! hehe, i just get bored after the whole day cleaning!

Be safe everyone!!! love Psycho girl xxx


  1. I love ur following u now on Google Connect and bloglovin..

    Hope to c u on my blog too.

    1. Thank you Gabrielle!
      i'll visit your blog :) and follow you of course!

      Psychozatic girl!