Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kitty Headband

Day 63, Another cute stuff arriving, got this yesterday at exactly 12:06 pm via LBC from Yhansy. I was so surprise when i first so the box, because it was so cute and presentable i mean yeah! this was my first time to order @ Yhansy online shop and for so many times i was order online this was the first ever order with box even just only a headband. but wait a cute and lovely headband found at there online shop! for a simple reason i love Cats, that's why i attract with this Kitty Headband. hohoho! i wish i can be cat for few minutes, Meowwww. teehee' this wish granted  forever with this lovely Kitty Headband so i can be a fashionable cat wearing this coz' i have so many pearl in my ears. yay's ! Can't wait to wear this for my latest look, will blog again this cute stuff.

Lovely Yhansy Box

I was surprise with this Yhansy discount card! Yehey, got em' 5 discount card so i can shop at there store with my 15% OFF discount, Thank you Yhansy! love your shop now,

Ooppssy! Here's my lovely Kitty Headband got em' only Php299.00

Can't wait to wear em' so i took a photo asap wearing my Kitty Headband, meeoooww..... Hope you like it! till next blog, goodnight psycho readers meoowww. teehee'.


  1. Hey Zhack!! :)

    You look so pretty esp with those cute catears!:)
    Followed u also! <3

    PS - Ill be having a BIG BIG giveaway soon cos I just restarted blogging again! If you wanna join, do follow me to get updates! ;)

    The Misty Mom

    1. Hi Shari! :)

      Thank you so much dear for droppin' by a lovely comment, sure i can follow you back my dear.

      Psychozatic Girl/Zhack.