Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 Chain Necklace - D.I.Y
Top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Checkered Polo - Doll Closet Collection
Bag - Grab
Watch - Casio
Acid Wash Pants - Thrifted
Heels - Gibi Shoes

 Blog 141
Finally... I have my time to blog again and share this look to you guy's. Well, I'm not too busy this past few weeks I'm just little bit lazy to blog because i can't think too much or whatever. I just had a bad mood this past few weeks because of something or someone else haha... in short i have my "sumpong week" but seriously I'm sicking to share this look to you guy's and sorry because it take 2 weeks before i post it here. lelsss... Just blame my hormones for being so lazy and stupid jerk haha...
Why i'm so excited to share this look to you? because this one is another style. I just try to experiment everything i have in my closet, and all of this are my old clothes and stuff just try to mix and match everything. Since i feel so bored wearing boots every time and i still want a style with a little bit sporty but chic, I decide to pick this shirt with Number 2 print and pair with my old green checkered polo. Also use a snap back cap to give a sporty touch in this look, What you think???
Even my look is kinda little bit sporty and like what i said, I still want a " Sporty but Chic " Style. and wearing this acid wash pants make me feel sexy haha... Charot~ just kidding. Well, this pants make me feel so comfortable and chic because of it's own style. and wearing this heels make me look so fab and chic and this is my first time to attempt to wear this kind of outfit and also wearing this pants, and now i want to make more style in some of my old pants. *teehee

Have a nice day

Monday, November 11, 2013

UNICEF : Ways to donate to children affected by Typhoon Yolanda

As number of children affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan rises to 4 million, UNICEF steps up emergency response
Manila/ New York/ Copenhagen, 10 November 2013 –  UNICEF is rushing emergency supplies to areas of the Philippines ravaged by Super Typhoon Haiyan on 8 November, as the latest estimates indicate that up to 4 million children could now be affected by the disaster.
Therapeutic food for children, health kits, water and hygiene kits to support up to 3,000 families in the affected areas have already been mobilized from supplies available in the country, with distribution prioritized for the Tacloban area as soon as access is possible.
"We are rushing to get critical supplies to children who are bearing the brunt of this crisis,” said UNICEF Philippines Representative Tomoo Hozumi. “Reaching the worst affected areas is very difficult, with limited access due to the damage caused by the typhoon to infrastructure and communications. But we are working around the clock to find ways to get these supplies to children as quickly as conditions allow."
UNICEF’s warehouse in Copenhagen is airlifting US$1.3 million worth of additional supplies for another 10,000 families, including those affected by the recent earthquake in Bohol. The shipments contain water purification tablets, soap, medical kits, tarpaulins, and micronutrient supplements.
Children who have escaped the terrible damage of Haiyan still need urgent assistance to survive the aftermath of the storm. Particular concerns include health, due to the impact of the typhoon on water supply and sanitation systems. Children also need safe and protected spaces to be able to play and resume studying while adults work to recover their homes and livelihoods.
"As we get a better picture of the impact of this devastating crisis, it is clear that even more children are affected than first thought," said Mr. Hozumi. "UNICEF is doing all it can to reach these children, as quickly as possible with critical supplies, to protect their health, safety and wellbeing in the difficult days ahead."

For all multi-media products, including b-roll and photo,  please visit:
About UNICEFUNICEF works in more than 190 countries and territories to help children survive and thrive, from early childhood through adolescence. The world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing countries, UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, good water and sanitation, quality basic education for all boys and girls, and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and AIDS. UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. For more information about UNICEF and its work visit:
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For further information, please contact: 
Zafrin Chowdhury, UNICEF Philippines, Tel:+632 901 01 77, Mobile: +63 917 867 8366,
Chris de Bono, Regional Adviser, in Manila, +63 929 768 2367,
Marge Francia, UNICEF Philippines, Tel: +632 901 01 73, Mobile: +62 917 858 9447,
Marixie Mercado, UNICEF Geneva, Mobile: +41 79 756 7703,
Kate Donovan, UNICEF New York, Tel: + 1 212 326 7452, Mobile: +1 917 378 2128,
Sarah Crowe, UNICEF New York, Mobile: + 1 646 209 1590, 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Long Distance Relationship

Blog 139
Hello... It's been a week since i don't update my blog and like what i promise to you guy's i share some photos and love story of mine. lol haha... and this blog post is different, because this one is not about sharing some outfit post or talk about fashion and etc. Well, you all known I'm a fashion blogger but today i just want to share to you my " LDR ". yes~ " My Long Distance Relationship love story ". I just want to share this story of mine, because I'm happy of what " God " plan to me and i want to inspire people and spread them LOVE. If you always update my blog post. before, i post my Malaysia Trip and share some story also. I stay 1 Month in Malaysia just to find job / chill / tour and everything but seriously i focus to find a job because i want to be successful on my own and be Independent and i want to help my self to move on and forget everything about shit happen in my life. Even my family don't want me to go there, i choose my own decision because i know what is the best for me. because when i was in Philippines things get worst and i became so desperate and only stay in my room the whole day. Things suck right?
I don't want to be a " looser ass " like when someone left you, your just nothing. NO~ for me that's the right time you start to live your life in the right way, yes. i admit i cry, i became desperate and torture myself in a week but Hello... I'm breathing and still alive and their is always a right time for me to explore and live my life in a good way with God, because you know? without God I am nothing. I surrender everything to him and be a better person. Sometimes what happen in your past even it's worst, be thankful because that's only a lesson to learn. In the end you become more wise and strong.

Let's talk about how Katun and I met and how our " Long Distance Relationship " started.
Well, i remember before when i was in Malaysia. one of my friend their Iwan ask me to accompany him to go at the event at Citta Mall, i come to him with Mat and that was my first time to go there and visit that place and that time Katun saw me. But... we never have a chance to know each other, he just tell me now. " I remember you, the girl who was with Iwan at Citta Mall ". But that time i never saw him, because their so many people at the Event and that time I was taking photos with those vintage car, bikes, drawings and one of my photo-shot. Katun is their, lol Haha... But only the back of him and i just don't mind the photos because that time we never ever met.
After a week one company call me and wants me to work at their company and that time i feel so happy and blessed because it's a job. But then i need a working visa and i thought having a working visa it's easy because the company who call me can't even sign the papers to get a working visa and that's the sad part, i thought it same in Dubai but it's not. But i don't loose hope, i still can smile even things get complicated because only me can help my self at that time because i don't have any family or relatives there. I decide to sell my gadget because that time i don't have enough money and the money that i get is for me to get a working visa. i can ask to my brother and i know he can help me but i never do that, not because of my pride but because i go there on my own so i work on my own and don't ask any help of others when it comes to money.

That time i ask my friend Botax to help me by selling my gadgets and he said " we go to KL " and i thought we go at one shop who buying some second hand gadgets. But i get shock when he stop the motorcycle in front of the District Shop and that day i saw Katun but not like the ordinary love story. I just saw him smoking in front of the shop with his friend and i thought he is just go their just to smoke and not working guy lol Haha... and we also never have a chance to meet and talk to each other, because i enter the shop and waiting for the guy who wants to buy my stuff and i never know the guy who buy my stuff is the owner of District lol Haha... because i never know the people their, But then while the owner of District ask me you really wants to sell that stuff? are you sure? " I said yes ", and while i standing in front of the shop. I remember, Katun just near at my side and ask me " Do you know any graffiti artist in Manila? and he ask one guy name. " i answer him No~ i don't know any graffiti artist in Manila because i live in Pampanga ". Then nothing, their is no Love at first sight or any feelings to him. because that time i just focus to find job and not to find love, But then he just also tell me now, he was looking for me when i left at District and go at Mall just to get the money. the payment for gadgets and after that we never see each other again and i never think about him and also he never think about me, I think for us it's just a ordinary day and not the right time to get to know and close to each other. I thought that time i can get a working visa but the company so suck you know? He don't want to sign the papers to get a visa even i pay for it. and that time i loose hope, i know i can't have any job. so i decide to used and spend my money that i have for tour, food, because i don't have any choice just to enjoy my life in Malaysia instead of thinking being a failure one.

The day's so fast and the clock is running and my time is so short and I'm leaving.
I enjoy my life living and staying for a month in Malay, i thought before Malaysia is same in my country but seriously their's a lot of differences. I have so many experience living their alone and yes i feel homesick but i fight for it, because i miss my family and it's my first time to be independent and i learn how to budget the money that i have, because before i spend lot of money buying stuff that i love. i thought before money and things can make me happy, but when i go in Malay i only have few things that i bring and wear it over and over again in one month. because before i only use the clothes one's or twice then i don't like it to wear again. But you know it's not good, because in my house i have many things but i'm not happy and when in Malay i have few things but i feel happy. Why? because the real happiness it's not about the things or how expensive your clothes are, it's about having God in your life and meeting new good people and friends. and be contented of what you have in your life. If you want something, learn to be patient and work hard on it not asking with the people who help you every time.
By then i go back home in my country last June 21, 2013 and that time i never think about Katun because seriously I don't know his name and nothing special, I just think about something like why i go in Malaysia? What is my purpose there? I can't find any job there? I just waist my money? All of that question cross my mind. But, i can't find any answer. I was like fuck~

Day's so fast and it's July already and i feel so bored. One night i'm just trippin' to add some unknown friend on Facebook but then while adding some friend request with some friend strangers, i accidentally add HIM " Katun " and he is so fast to accept my request. then after he accept my request i remember the first message he send to me on my inbox, he said " Hey, i remember your the pretty lady who enter at the District shop ". and i reply him, " Yes " lol Haha... then that time our conversation started till i tell everything to him, my nonsense story haha... because i love talking then he tell me also about his life then he tell me he is a Graffiti artist and I tell to him draw me like a Cartoon haha... That time i'm just kidding but i feel their is something different with us. I never expect he draw me and my dog Chanel because no one draw me like that seriously. and that time he feel something too because he tell me just now, That time he draw me he just have feelings and that time i saw the drawing i feel blushing lol Haha... Then i started to get confuse because that time i don't want to fall in love, because i'm afraid to get hurt again. and that time i think guy's are all the same like they just want to play around or even they take serious they leave me alone.

We never plan this relationship it just happen, the time we always chat until midnight and sometimes we sleep around 9am then wake up late. Then we chat again, till he know everything about me and my past relationship and also i know everything about him and his past relationship too... Seriously, both of us are afraid to get hurt but that time we both feel we fall in love with each other. Then one day i feel so strange like why we always chat and why were so sweet together by chat and then i said to him straight to the point " I'm afraid of getting hurt and if you just want to play tell me ", so i know what i'm going to do. then he said " No ".  I'm not playing around, i don't spend long time to you just to play around. I ask him, do you like me or what? then he tell me everything and he tell me " I love you " ahh... that time i can't say anything and that time were together. lol Haha... so fast right?

But even we just met only on Facebook that time, my feelings is different it's like i am so in love with him and i so much trust him a lot, even he is so far with me. I don't know i feel so comfortable with him feels like he's just near next to me, I know Long Distance Relationship is not easy because it's really different in a common relationship like your always together and have dates. Sometimes you feel lonely when you saw 2 couple dating and holding hands and you just the one who walk by yourself or eating at one restaurant. But you know? I believe in patient people have the best reward of happiness. If you in a Long Distance Relationship you should know how to TRUST a person, because if you don't know how to trust your partner nothing's happen in your relationship. and you should know how to be contented of what you have, yes it's hard but i'll ask you? their so many people just near you, but why you choose this person to fall in love. Even you know this relationship it's hard? because what you can't see in other people, you can see to this person. It's hard right? because sometimes you can't celebrate Monthsary or Anniversary together. But you know what? as long your happy in this person just stay, because someday you can break the Distance. Like us, from strangers to lovers.

We started nothing, We met like strangers, We accidentally know each other and now were so in love together and make our relationship grow and know how to value each others heart. and we can say " We break The Distance " because after 3 months of patiently waiting here we are were so happy and falling in love together. Sometime's don't rush things because their's always a right time for everything in God's will. Katun visit me here in Philippines for 5 days and meet my family and all the time and second we spend together we don't waist it, We both know we can only spend days together for 5 days but 5 days seems like 5 months together. The first time we meet feels like we really know and meet each other before, pretty shy for the first time. but you can't resist to hug and kiss each other because you miss each other, and this is the day I been waiting for lol Haha... I can't sleep seriously while waiting for this day. and now Katun go back in Malaysia but still we chat and now he always call me because he always miss my voice and i think he go back again pretty soon and sooner or later i go in Malaysia to meet his family and relatives.

We have plans for many things, I may not be his First love but I wish to be his Last. What i love about him is Everything i wanted I see in Front of Me, He is just a Simple Guy who live in KL and I'm only a Simple Girl too who live in Philippines and we Both love Simple life and We just want to be Happy together till we get Old in God's Will. He is the only Guy who don't judge me by my past, He just accept it and leave it their. Because he said what happen in Past I am not their. I know some girls nowadays, always say " Guy's are all the same ", I hurt so much before and I also say that kind of Words. But i think NO~ " Guy's are not all the same", Because I believe their's always a good one who Perfectly fits for Us. We just go with the wrong one before only for a Lesson and Teach us more about Life and Love.


Always put God first in your Relationship and you can be more Happy for Real

Friday, October 18, 2013

Brand New Chick

Chain Necklace - D.I.Y
Vintage Watch - Casio
Belt - SM Accessories
Pants - Jenny'LT
Blazer - Harrison Kent
Heel less - Sophisticat Shoes

Blog 138
I'm just a little freaking busy this week and i think till next week, like oohemmgeeh~ i was preparing for something and busy buying some stuff to use for next week.
and also excited to meet someone special ( Hmmm... ) The one who make me smile and drives me wild lol haha... Just kidding :] seriously, i'm so excited and i hope our first meet up gonna be the best day ever like i wanted to be. Well, wish me luck girl's ( love you )...

Let's talk about some quick outfit post for today. A touch of edgy look with a swag style but still look chick, What i love most of my outfit? My pants... if you asking me why? because this one is my old pants and i think i buy this a long time ago and while cleaning my closet, i accidentally saw it.
Then i decide to wear it again and play with fashion, i love how this pants fits perfectly till now and to make it more sense, if you see on the lower part i fold it, so it look so nice and a bit stylish. since i miss wearing this red heel less of mine i prepare to wear them and never cross in my mind that they look so perfect together.

I prepare to wear this hanging top, so it look so chick and petite me lol... and also wearing this blazer on a hot weather is totally cool for me. Well, no matter what people say something about your style or looks. dress up, make up and never give up to show people how creative you are and how proud you are in your style.
Be you and Be proud to yourself


Friday, October 11, 2013

Game of S.K.A.T.E


Polo - f.y.l.s
Cap - Borrowed from Kinsly
Handmade Necklace - Gift
Belt - Genevieve Gozum
High Waist Shorts - Guess
Cross Ring - Pretty Reckless
Watch - Swatch
Floral Sneakers - No Brand

Blog 137
I feel so " Teenager " today. seems like i'm at the age of 17 lels haha... in denial age stage? lol... oh yes, maybe because i'm getting old again this month of October. I'm turning 20+ secret lol... and i think this is the best day ever. Why? because someone special is coming on my Birthday and maybe that time, i can't share you some outfit post because i think i'm busy or were busy together heeee...
But guy's if you want some #ootd update on my Birthday Celebration and wondering who's that Special someone is coming on my best day ever. You can follow me on Instagram @Zhackparas and so happy to meet and see you guy's on I.g, and ofcourse maybe i share some little sweet story and photos here on my blog. I just want to inspire people not only by dressing up but inspire them how great what love can do to a person and how good is god can be, like what they said " When someone left you, someone better come a long ". Sometimes it's not easy to trust all the guy's after you broke up and mess up, But you know what? There's always gonna be a one Man to teach you how to love again and prove to you that all guy's are not the same.
Well, back to my outfit post and i think na sobrahan na yung chika ko about love and blah blah blah... lels inspired lungggsss pag-bigyan na haha... and this is my style for today, a skater girl look with a little bit swagger style lang ang peg haha... My style is depend on my mood, like today. I'm sicking to wear something i can move in at the street, i always love to wear high waist short because for me it looks so nice and as you know i am not tall. That's why i wear this kind of short so it looks like i have long legged and shape lol haha... since my style today is kinda skater and swag look, i prepared to wear a plain sleeveless and pair this to a checkered polo and wear something different style of cap.
So, what do you think about this Style? You like it? Well, if you love it my pleasure to read your comments below dear. Thank you and have a safe night tonight, because it's raining here outside and have typhoon again and again lol... Goodnight

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm Lost

 Blog 136
I was so bored this whole Sunday ever. Well, i wake up so late like 2 : 00 pm like arrghh a lazy girl this month of October. seriously i can't sleep like even i was in my bed the whole night till 5 : 00 am :[ and i don't know what the hell is going on my mind thinking of something or maybe i have Insomnia? like f*ck :[ or maybe i am too excited for something? and can't wait for the day of " Happiness " lelsss...
Secret muna haha... But seriously i'm so excited and maybe that's the reason why i can't sleep heee....
Back to the #ootd and lemme tell you something about this look. It was a hot weather and still i'm sicking wearing sweater, feel na feel lang noh teh? Haha... and I know your familiar in my sweater already, because i wear this a while ago on a post J.A.C.O.B.S and wear this like a dress. right?
Also using the same boots and my peg flower crown haha... I love wearing my handmade feels so honored to wear it, and if you ask me hehe where you can order some of my stuff like this. You can check my Online shop on Facebook at Doll Closet Collection and also i'm selling some of my pre-loved stuff there. feel free guys to visit and it's for free to browse lels.
 And now i was try to attempt to wear again this sweater and combine this on a plain white bubble gum mini skirt. I just love pairing as always black and white like what i always said they are perfectly match and elegant color combining
So, what do you think about this idea? you can hit a comment about this look and my pleasure to read each of them, :]
 Photo credits by my co-blogger VY Torres
 I was try to drive a Mustang with no gas lels.... hohoho
 Flower Crown - Doll Closet Collection
Sweater - Thrifted
Watch - Swatch
Skirt - Kirin Kirin
Boots - Etseteracloset

Thank you for dropping by my blog

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Polo Skirt


 Necklace - Gift from my co-blogger Kingsly ( Handmade )
Top - Design Tshirts Store graniph
Polo - f.y.l.s
Watch - Swatch
Boots - Kicks
 Blog 135
Good morning... I'm so early to post a blog for today, right? Well, to tell you honestly i don't sleep yet haha... I can't sleep so i decide to post a blog and this one is my first look this month of October.
Another playful style in fashion like showing the real me and what is my style and what outfit i really love to wear in public.
Sometimes you need to " try or wear " what you never " try and wear " before, If you see the title of my post maybe you get my point. right? I was trying to use my Old Polo to wear it like " Skirt " and yes I made it. Seriously this outfit is so comfortable and unique. Why ??? Comfortable, because feels like i'm just wearing a skirt. You just need to tie both side of the polo tightly.
Unique, because it's my first attempt to use a polo and wear it like this. so if your bored wearing a short or skirt then you must try this, If you want to be different style like me. I hope it can help you and if you guy's love this style, My pleasure to read your lovely comments.
Thank you :]